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Deo Roll On


Deo roll on fragrance for male and female, mysterious, intrigued which, it awakes the intense sensation.

Malizia Musk Body Deo Roll on 50 ml

A mysterious charming mix: the delicacy of vanilla blends with sensuality of musk.

A delicate and romantic scent.

Malizia Green Tea Body Deo Roll on 50 ml

Green teas delicacy turns into a sparkling and sensual fragrance.

A fresh tonifying fragrance setting your mind free.

Malizia Certezza Body Deo Roll on 50 ml

Dedicated to the woman who knows how to charm. A scent with flowery and worm accents, playing, hypnotic games with your senses and giving a joyful felling.

Malizia Vanilla Body Deo Roll on 50 ml

A delicate sensual fragrance. A scented caress reveals a romantic harmony of vanilla and musk.

Sweet, charming.

Malizia Amber Deo Roll on 50ml

Indescribable manly fragrance with a light woody note.

Malizia Musk Deo Roll on 50 ml

A combination of fresh fruity, floral and musk scent, inspired by the ever warm Top Notes of Magnolia, A Heart Of White Rose, Jasmine And Orange.

Malizia Musk Deo Roll on 50 ml

Vetyver is cleanly and freshly enjoyable light fragrance not much complicated by citrus or floras.